GLASSCAPE by RAFI sets benchmarks in capacitive touch technologies. It was developed for the industrial environment and is manufactured by RAFI entirely in Germany. GLASSCAPE is used in medical engineering, the food industry and in commercial and special-purpose vehicles, as well as other applications. GLASSCAPE is characterized by long-term availability and reliability of supply. We offer an impressive portfolio of robust and flexible solutions: The components and operating elements are made by RAFI. This means you benefit from:

  • Supply reliability thanks to direct availability
  • Long-term availability of components
  • Development, production, assembly, software, testing, packaging, logistics and aftersales – all from one source

We support you at every step, from the idea to the finished product, and manage the entire process for you – from development through to production and final approval.


The new generation of GLASSCAPE combines conventional touch input with haptic 3D elements on a closed glass surface. With FLEXSCAPE, you can place individual keys, finger guidance elements and even individual encoders at almost any position on the closed glass surface.


RAFI combines its HMI technologies into a flexible and expandable high-performance platform with exceptional features:

  • On Screen Control Elements
  • Touch & Press Detection
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Flexible Content
  • Blind Operation
  • Closed Surface
  • Optical Bonding
  • Tactile Feeling
  • Moisture Immune
  • Safe Operation
  • Printing Integration

The main focus is on the user experience. Haptic, optical and acoustic feedback as well as balanced ergonomics make operation easy. We thus provide you with exactly the GLASSCAPE technologies that you need to implement your operating systems in the following industries, among others:

  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Agricultural machines
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Electromedical devices


Haptic operating elements for touchscreen and TWIN TOUCH

The FLEXSCAPE ONE and FLEXSCAPE WHEEL haptic operating elements are positioned on a sealed surface without cut-outs or holes. You decide on the number of elements and the positions you want. By means of tactility and haptics, FLEXSCAPE increases both operating comfort and safety.

  • Additional haptic element
  • High operational safety thanks to tactile feedback
  • No cut-outs or holes
  • Flexible positioning

The FLEXSCAPE ONE pushbutton is activated by touch. During switching, the button must overcome a pressure point. The haptic feedback thus allows safe blind operation.

The FLEXSCAPE WHEEL finger guidance offers a low-cost alternative to milled contours on the glass surface. The perceptible contours ensure guided and safe blind operation.

The FLEXSCAPE SPIN encoder is placed directly on the touch surface. The tactile feel enables precise input and absolute blind operation.

The combination of turn and press functions of FLEXSCAPE SPIN enables intuitive and pleasant operation. The free positioning on the touch surface opens up completely new possibilities in user interface design..

The FLEXSCAPE SPIN, designed as a ring encoder, enables a perfect combination of mechanics and display. In this way, the display can be adjusted contextually in the simplest way.

Application example: FLEXSCAPE on medical panel

Application example: FLEXSCAPE on panel for agricultural machines


The closed glass surface effectively prevents any penetration of dirt, liquids, and other foreign matter. We have also achieved a high degree of chemical resistance.

  • Intuitive operation, even with gloves
  • Multitouch with palm recognition
  • Suitable for industrial use – excellent media and temperature resistance
  • Customer-specific design, custom system integration
  • Extensive standard software

The sensors are the heart of our GLASSCAPE touchscreens. Either glass sensors or film sensors are available.

Our glass sensors are manufactured 100% in-house by RAFI. This allows us to avoid procurement problems and gives us the flexibility to meet your requirements. A major advantage for you is the long-term availability of RAFI glass sensors.

For analysis of our GLASSCAPE touchscreens, we use standard electronics based on the maXTouch technology developed by our partner Microchip – a very stable and highly parameterizable system.

RAFI specializes in development with Microchip products. 

For more information, click here to visit the Microchip Technology Inc. website.


GLASSCAPE touchscreen with force recognition

FORCE INSIDE. The TWIN TOUCH touch screen, which not only senses touch but also evaluates the pressure applied to the panel, is suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.

The force recognition technology prevents false actuation due to external influences, increases operating safety and allows the implementation of additional input levels. The switching threshold from which the applied pressure triggers an input can be configured via the software. Moisture, contamination and accidental touching do not result in unwanted actuation. The force recognition feature is flexibly adjustable. The input is only accepted if both touch and force generate a meaningful signal.

Depending on the pressing force (touch, gentle and strong pressing) several functions can be implemented in one operating element – and thus additional input levels created – without the need for additional input elements. This results in a clear UI design and therefore improves the user experience. Can be combined with the haptic FLEXSCAPE operating elements.


Sensor-based operating elements

In addition to the input option via the touchscreen, TOUCHKEYS and TOUCHPADS can be used as additional operating elements.


Our customized TOUCHPADS are developed and produced for industrial use. The robust user interface is made from foil or glass and houses a capacitive sensor in your required format.


The TOUCHKEYS – button, slider and wheel – are located behind a protective glass panel. Even after millions of actuations, our GLASSCAPE sensors continue to work faultlessly. Neither mechanical systems nor resistive touch technology can even come close to these results.


Touch input with a metallic finish

With METALSCAPE, RAFI has combined GLASSCAPE with a metallic finish. Safety combined with ease of use in a first-class design.

The operating elements are behind glass. How do we do this? That’s our secret. However, we’d be more than happy to show you the benefits!

  • Intuitive operation
  • Finger guidance through shape, color, and light
  • Backlit glass in a metallic finish with disappearing effect for inactive operating elements
  • High media resistance

The touchscreen platform for your control systems. 16 pages. Version 03.2019

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Systems for professional users

RAFI capacitive GLASSCAPE systems have proven their worth in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Medical engineering

HMI for breathing apparatus

Automotive industry

Armrest with touch system for Pistenbully

Electrical engineering

HMI for CNC milling machines

Food production machines

HMI and controls for coffee machines

Mechanical and plant engineering and construction

Mobile HMI for industrial robots (picture source: KUKA AG)


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