Joysticks are ideal for intuitive and safe operation in many applications. RAFI understands the respective requirements and manufactures JOYSCAPE in-house for integration into control systems. Its advantages over standard joysticks have been confirmed in our customer projects:

  • Joystick products manufactured with RAFI quality control
  • Application-focused ergonomics and haptics with high operating safety
  • Custom design solutions
  • Flexible in terms of function and price
  • RAFI’s usual long-term product availability

Together with you, we will find the right solution for your control system.

  • System integration and scalable technology thanks to in-house production
  • Space-saving platform solutions with standard modules
  • Customer and application-specific handles
  • Wear-free 3D Hall sensors
  • Wide range of gates, angles of deflection, and operating forces for outstanding operating comfort
  • Illuminated handles for use in mobile applications after dark
  • Easy cleaning for high hygiene standards thanks to special folding bellows

For JOYSCAPE, RAFI uses a wear-free 3D Hall sensor system. This allows compact and reliable systems to be realized. The sensors can also be designed redundantly for applications with high safety requirements.

Basic variants

Single-axle joystick for finger operation. The capacitive sensors in the illuminated handle ensure a high degree of operating safety.

For integration into the joystick handle. Compact and optimized for thumb operation.

When limited space is available. Tilts freely in the X-Y plane. Designed for work requiring “fingertip feel”.

Allows use of versatile multifunctional handles (thumb joystick, rocker switch, push function, etc.) with low space requirements.

When it’s time to get to work. Easy to operate, even in the harshest conditions. Ergonomic multifunction handles can be implemented for intuitive control of complex processes.


JOYSCAPE is used wherever reliable and flexible joysticks are required. Leading manufacturers from various industries rely on the joystick platform from RAFI.

JOYSCAPE MULTI – industrial trucks

Simple and reliable operation of forklift trucks

JOYSCAPE MULTI/LINEAR – agricultural and forestry machinery

Enhanced hydraulic functionality and safe handling of these devices

JOYSCAPE MULTI – medical engineering

Control units for medical devices with high hygiene standards

JOYSCAPE ROUGH – special-purpose vehicles

For intuitive control of the new generation of Pistenbully vehicles


RAFI has developed a novel joystick that is used in Pistenbullys. The company received the WiR Innovation Award 2017/2018 from the Economic and Innovation Promotion Agency Ravensburg (WiR) for this innovation.

Watch the video and find out which special requirements had to be mastered – and what makes this multidimensional joystick unique.

In action

JOYSCAPE and PistenBully at work. This is teamwork.


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