We connect Human Actions with IO-Link

The road in automation is clear: more networking and data with less complexity. For this reason, IO-LINK has established itself as a uniform, completely bus-independent interface on the sensor and actuator level. We at RAFI want to live up to our reputation as a technology leader and actively accompany our partners on this path into the future.


Our IO-LINK products offer you a comfortable start. They can be quickly integrated into your existing environment by using standardized M12 connectors. Simply connected and individually parameterized, our control and signaling devices open up countless possibilities. With the IO-LINK versions of the TILTED DIAMOND+ and E-BOX you are already prepared by today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our IO-Link-Portfolio


The combination of IO-LINK and control unit box is unique on the market


  • By mounting clip on aluminum profile
  • Mounting clip screwable onto other surfaces


  • Night mode with different brightness levels
  • Flexible color selection: 5 standard colors plus 3 freely selectable RGB color
  • 4 different flashing modes
  • Can be diagnosed via the controller


The ultra-bright signal lamp is quickly mounted and vibration resistant


  • Screw connection from below
  • Optional with mounting tube and foot


  • Night mode with different brightness level
  • Flexible color selection: 5 standard colors plus 3 freely selectable RGB colors
  • 8 different flashing modes
  • Can be diagnosed via the control




The IO-LINK portfolio from RAFI convinces with fast integration and flexible parameterization. We will show you how you and your customers can benefit equally from this.

Plug & Play

  • The M12 connection enables quick installation and commissionin
  • Benefit from less downtime by quickly exchanging devices
  • No headaches: thanks to IO-LINK, our portfolio is bus-independent and can therefore be integrated into all fieldbuses worldwide
  • The low wiring effort ensures time and cost savings
  • No assembly of expensive special plugs necessary
  • Reduced personnel costs: Since no errors in wiring are possible, unskilled workers can also carry out the assembly

Comfortable parameterization

  • Reduced product variety: Comfortable parameterization of pushbutton color, brightness and flashing modes via the controller
  • Uncomplicated exchange: stored parameters are automatically transferred to new devices
  • World premiere: For the first time a control-unit box with IO-LINK is available

Reliable and safe

  • Retrievable diagnostic data of the devices enable predictive maintenance
  • Fewer maintenance errors due to device identification: incorrectly installed devices are reported to the control

Economic efficiency in all areas

  • The system planner can fall back on standards and flexibly respond to customer requirements regarding push button color, illumination modes and labeling options
  • The parameterization covers the variety of variants, so that the purchasing department has to manage fewer products and quantity effects are achieved faster
  • Fewer products mean less storage space and capital commitment
  • Due to the parameterization and the reduced effort during commissioning and assembly, the production can remain the same for the most different machine types
  • Management benefits from optimized processes, reduced downtime and higher plant availability
  • The service department works faster, makes fewer errors and benefits from standardized hardware in spare parts logistics. It can also maintain with foresight
  • Time and cost savings through simple wiring with an unshielded three-wire cable
  • The foreman of a production line can quickly detect and act on malfunctions using the diagnostic function


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