This elegant and flat E-BOX is the complete housing solution for RAFIX 22 FS+ control components. It is ideal wherever you require individual control elements at remote locations. These could be for example emergency stop applications along a production line or at a safety fence. The compact dimensions of the E-Box match the edge dimension of a 40-mm profile rail. We also designed the assembly process accordingly. It is user-friendly and fast thanks to the modular system. This consists of housing top and bottom, contact module with switching element, and emergency stop actuator.

  • Ideal for mounting on profile rails
  • Compatible with 40 x 40 mm profile rails
  • Can also be mounted on doors
  • Grey housing for standard actuator, yellow housing for emergency stop actuator
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Based on RAFIX 22 FS+ control component series
  • Approvals: UL

Further information can be found in our E-Box brochure:


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