RAMO 22/30


The RAFI key switch series with mounting hole diameters of 22 and 30 mm is perfect for simple integration in your application. This is ensured thanks to the low overall height and mounting depth as well as the RAMO EDGE mounting bracket and the Plug & Play M12 terminal.

RAMO pays off

The RAFI key switch series with mounting hole diameters of 22 and 30 mm is perfect for simple integration in your application. This is ensured even in difficult space conditions, thanks to the low overall height and mounting depth, as well as the RAMO EDGE mounting bracket, which you can use to assemble the operating elements and indicators directly on profiles without an additional housing. The Plug & Play M12 terminal enables secure and flexible assembly with an efficient use of both cabling and working time. And that’s not all: With the RAMO T key switches, the built-in RAFI MICON 5 tactile switch ensures high switching reliability and distinctive tactility. We combine industry standards with innovative technology. So you save time and costs..


  • The RAMO 22 series with a mounting hole diameter of 22 mm includes a number of different variants: key switches, keylock switches, selector switches, emergency stops, USB 3.0 and RJ 45 cable bushings as well as signal lamps.
  • RAMO 30 for a mounting hole diameter of 30 mm offers the same variety of components as RAMO 22. At the same time, the series appeals to the design-focused user thanks to its flat design and stainless steel front ring. The bezel of the RAMO 30 T key switch, which is available in stainless steel, provides additional stylish refinement.
  • FLEXLAB offers you many options for individual legending of both RAMO series. And if this doesn’t meet your needs, customized solutions are of course also available on request.

Save time and costs

We supply you with a high-quality product, but you have full control of your costs: You can choose your most trusted cable supplier and can also have the cable preassembled internally or externally. You can rely on tried-and-tested RAFI quality and can also use other products with M12 terminals. Yet another savings factor – RAMO EDGE is a substantially more economical solution than an insulated housing.

Simple integration

With RAMO, we have developed a series that is well thought out from start to finish – and always with the goal of making integration into your application as easy as possible. Assembly is fast and secure, the use of space is optimized, and the cable is completely flexible. The plug, which is angled at 135°, enables you to mount the actuators in rows close together, both horizontally and vertically. The cable length can also be freely selected. As a result, you avoid unnecessary costs due to superfluous cabling or costly maintenance work. Should a replacement be necessary, only the product concerned needs to be swapped out. Maintenance is therefore quicker and, above all, more cost effective. With EDGE, RAMO can be mounted on profiles, without additional insulated housing. This creates additional freedom during assembly as well as new ways of positioning the components away from the central machine or device control panel.

    German design and engineering.
    The integrated RAFI MICON 5 tactile switch offers a distinctive feel with high switching reliability.
    Degrees of protection of at least IP 65. Stand-alone capability without additional seal.
    The M12 plug can be connected quickly, and the cable can be configured and preassembled flexibly, enabling schedule-independent wiring.
    Thanks to the flat design in front of and behind the front panel and the plug angled at 135° for tight row mounting – horizontally and vertically.
    Individual legending with legend inserts.
  • EDGE
    ​​​​​​​Flexible, decentralized assembly with RAMO EDGE – on aluminum profile rails, walls, tables or workbenches.


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