GLASSCAPE by RAFI sets benchmarks in capacitive touch technologies. It's a control system that improves, simplifies, and expands human-machine communications.

Capacitive sensor technology – concealed and protected behind a closed surface – is the future. Apart from glass, other surface materials can be used, such as plastics. Capacitive control systems go beyond a narrow field of applicability. GLASSCAPE can be used everywhere humans communicate with machin


Essential for industrial applications is ruggedness. This is a given for GLASSCAPE. That's because our touchscreens were developed and thoroughly tested specifically for industrial environments. The closed glass surface effectively prevents any penetration of dirt, liquids, and other foreign matter. We have also achieved a high degree of chemical resistance. Due to its robustness, GLASSCAPE is also used in medical environments, the food industry, and even commercial veh

Hand rest recognition


  • Recognition of liquids on the screen prevents inadvertent actuation
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +85°C – thanks to the ITO glass sensor
  • ESD resistance for electrostatic discharges of more than 20 kV
  • EMC resistance at field strengths of far in excess of 10 V/m
  • Easy to clean during ongoing operation without triggering the system
  • Adjustable input sensitivity so that operators can wear gloves

TWINTOUCH - Capacitive touchscreen with force recognition

With TWIN TOUCH, RAFI has introduced a touchscreen that not only evaluates touch, but also the pressure applied to the panel.

Force recognition prevents unwanted actuation due to external influences, increases operational safety and enables the implementation of additional input levels. The switching threshold from which the applied pressure triggers an input can be configured via the software.

Depending on the pressing force (touch, gentle and strong pressing) several functions can be implemented in one operating element and thus additional input levels created without the need for additional input elements. This results in a clear user interface design and therefore improves the user experience.


FLEXSCAPE is the combination of GLASSCAPE with a haptic rotary/push encoder. It enables fast and comfortable machine settings with tactile feedback. The rotary/push encoder can be permanently fixed anywhere on the closed glass surface, and tightly sealed. Depending on the input content, the display shows scale readings. Stepped adjustments provide reliable haptic feedback with confirmation through the usual push function. The rotary/push encoder can be tailored to your wishes.


  • Haptic rotary/push encoder – can be firmly attached anywhere on the closed glass surface
  • Fine and coarse adjustment for comfortable, fast operation
  • Flexible scale display
  • Maximum of 24 steps for haptic feedback
  • Push function for confirmation
  • Custom design of rotating element



Capacitive technology and elegant metal optics – a combination that has never been possible before. RAFI has achieved this with its patent-pending METALSCAPE technology. METALSCAPE by RAFI provides high reliability paired with outstanding intuitive operation and first-class design. All operating elements in your METALSCAPE application are behind glass and metal. Only RAFI knows the secret. But we’ll be more than happy to show you the benefits.


  • Finger guidance through shape, color, and light
  • Backlit metal with unique disappearing effect of inactive operating elements
  • Proximity sensors so you can turn on the system with a wave of your hand
  • High media resistance of the glass surface – smooth, laser-cut or milled
  • Glass surfaces with high media resistance in smooth, laser-cut, or milled finishes
  • Can be used as a key switch, slider, or wheel. Integration of LEDs, touchpads, and screens
  • Glove operation can be tailored to the glove type used
  • Low mounting depth
  • Intuitive Operation
  • RAFI quality, flexibility, and long-term availability

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