Pushbutton/Illuminated pushbutton/Emergency stop

LUMOTAST 16 pushbuttons are compact and function with characteristic reliability due to high-quality gold/silver contacts. LUMOTAST 16 can be used in many industries. The threaded ring enables the assembly of elements in a 16.2 mm mounting hole within seconds.


  • The built-in tactile switch MICON 5 ensures the crisp feedback of the pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons
  • NEW: Emergency stop a/i (active/inactive) for handheld control devices with cable or wireless connection to a fixed unit. If the translucent emergency stop mushroom is illuminated in red then the emergency stop function is “active”, increasing operational safety.


  • The emergency stop elements are equipped with up to 3 contacts


  • Signalling systems
  • Measurement-control-regulation
  • Chemical industry
  • Especially suitable for handheld control devices


  • Mounting hole diameter 16.2 mm
  • Mounting depth: 18 mm
  • Mounting: ring nut
  • Pushbutton and illuminated pushbutton: Gold contacts
  • Emergency stop: Gold contacts and silver contacts


  • Collar shape: round
  • The C-LAB versions can be configured and labelled individually. The illuminated pushbutton with C-LAB labelling inserts can be fully illuminated by the built in LED
  • Special active/inactive emergency stop version


  • Water jet protection class IP 65 and IP 67 on front
  • Pushbutton/illuminated pushbutton: 1 NO gold contact
  • Emergency stop:1 NC, 2 NC, 2NC+1NO, 2NC; active/inactive: 2 NC (all gold and silver contacts)
  • Male quick-connect terminal 2.8 x 0.5 mm


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