RAFI has further refined the signal lamp Tilted Diamond, developed in collaboration with Luigi Colani. The result: Tilted Diamond+,  with easy mounting due to CAGE CLAMP®.

To achieve brilliant illumination, we have optimized the light refraction. Its uniform, all-round visibility makes the lamp even easier to see from a distance, so you can respond faster in an emergency. The tough conditions in industrial environments are a challenge. That’s why we made the signal lamp especially durable and shock-resistant. In addition, the bright LEDs are energy efficient and do not have to be replaced. Everything about our maintenance-free signal lamp will exceed your expectations.

  • Special refracted light effect due to diamond lens
  • Long-lasting and ultra-bright SMT LEDs
  • Energy efficient: low electricity consumption
  • Maintenance-free: particularly shock-resistant, no bulb replacement necessary
  • Direct wiring with CAGE CLAMP® and M12 terminals
  • Accessory program with various lengths for a variety of applications
  • Available colors: red, yellow, green, blue, transparent/white


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