Whether on rails, snow or agricultural land. Whether at construction sites, on main roads or in warehouses. Reliability is always  a top priority. That’s why so many industries rely on RAFI when it comes to custom-made special-purpose vehicles. Our products stand out for excellent versatility, precision, ruggedness and usability.

Mobile Machines. Operating panels, electronics and components. 4 pages. Version 03.2019


Pistenbully Armrest. Customer project. Multifunctional armrest. 2 pages. Version 11.2019


Valtra Armrest. Customer project. Finnish idea, German engineering skill. 2 pages. Version 11.2019


Agricultural and forestry machines

This is all about work machines for professionals in tough environments. Manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machines also benefit from our global manufacturing locations, continuous innovation and personal support from a single customer contact. Equally important are lower production costs that boost their competitiveness, supply chain flexibility and flexible call-off quantities. We continually improve our products and provide safety consulting to our customers while ensuring the best time-to-market and design-to-cost performance.

Tractor control system

The new SmartTouch armrest developed by RAFI for the Valtra S series model S394

This product won a 2017 Red Dot Design Award for its excellent ergonomics and well-thought-out arrangement of components.

S series model by VALTRA

VALTRA SmartTouch combines an ergonomic armrest with a multifunctional driving lever, touchscreen terminal, and pushbutton operating field. From hydraulics to lifting gear to PTO shafts, the operator controls all tractor functions intuitively – thanks to RAFI standard components and customer-specific elements.

Armrest for the Pistenbully

Armrest including multifunctional joystick and touch system. The multifunctional joystick controls the blade with its many deflection directions and copes with temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C.

  • Development, production and logistics by RAFI
  • Optimised spare parts system

Construction and construction materials machines

Innovative products for the applications of robust construction machinery industry meet extraordinary environmental requirements..

Control unit with lever for a truck mixer

Rugged control panel for concrete mixing drum control system. The PCB with electronics, short-stroke pushbuttons, emergency stop button, Hall-based operating lever and back-printed overlay is installed in a robust 2K housing. It easily copes with tough conditions and rough handling.

  • Rugged control panel for rough environments
  • Clear and intuitive controls
  • Modern design
  • Saves fuel with special Liebherr software
  • Pre- tested control panel ready for installation
  • Personal contact

Cab module for road roller

Rugged cab control module. The PCB comes with RAFI short-stroke pushbuttons behind a printed overlay in BOMAG design. It is robust enough to take all the knocks of the job.

  • Pre- tested cab module ready for installation
  • Everything from product conceptualisation to delivery

Municipal vehicles

Public services keep infrastructure operational day and night. That’s why municipal vehicles need to be reliable and effective. Included here is everything from fire fighting to waste disposal, sewer maintenance and snow clearing. RAFI supplies safe, intuitive controls for the vehicles involved in these jobs.

Control systems and controllers for snow ploughs and gritting vehicles

Input and control unit for winter service vehicles and street sweeping machines. The RAFI system controls the plough blade, the gritting unit and the sprayer. It consists of a capacitive touchscreen, mechanical input and output units, RAFI joystick and RAFI short-stroke keyboard on a back-printed, non-wear overlay. The input and control unit withstands temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C and holds E1 certification.

  • Development by RAFI
  • Production by RAFI
  • Logistics by RAFI
  • Optimised spare parts system

Floor-level conveyors

The machines in this industry have to meet special environmental requirements. For example, when used in refrigerated storage, they can face temperatures ranging from -35 °C to +85 °C . In addition, floor-level conveyors must be able to withstand shock, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, salt water, cleaning agents and UV light. They need to be tough enough to survive operation by untrained personnel anywhere in the world.

Control systems for forklifts

Control system for high-rack order-picking truck

Control panel for a high-rack order-picking truck. Equipped with a steering wheel, display, RAFI emergency-off button and two RAFI joysticks for controlling the fork action and the direction of travel.

  • Complex plug & play control panel for the order-picking truck
  • Mechanical, software and electronic equipment developed by RAFI
  • Completely manufactured at RAFI
  • Delivered by RAFI

Control system for forklift

Control unit for forklift access control

Rail vehicles

Reliability is vital in rail traffic, and that includes effective components and actuators. They help ensure compliance with UIC, IRIS and other applicable standards. Drawing on its longstanding experience, RAFI rises to the challenge. We supply the high quality as well as shock and vibration resistance rail vehicle operators require. Equally important is punctuality. So we react immediately to service calls. Our components have an operating life of up to 10 million operations and are available for 30 years.

Control systems for locomotive platforms

Operating stand with actuators for controlling the locomotive, accelerator and brake, plus a variety of other functions such as air conditioning. RAFI supplies the entire driver’s control station for production line installation. Rail-tested RAFI standard components with CAN nodes were installed here.


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