FS – Fast&Slim. This innovative technology sets a new benchmark in control components. Novel switching elements and a special assembly concept make the RAFIX 22 FS+, RAFIX 22 FSR and RAFIX 30 FS+ series your profitable solution. The system configuration is as flexible as it is modular. That’s because you can combine each FS technology switching element with any actuator in the three series. We provide two different assembly options:

Printed circuit board Assembly PCB

The extremely low mounting depth enables control component integration even in flat systems. This concept saves you space, labor, and material. It also prevents assembly errors, since the circuit diagram is integrated in the design of the printed circuit board.

The FS switching elements are arranged with other components on a printed circuit board. This is subsequently mounted behind the front panel together with the actuators and signal lamps. The switching elements “float” directly under the actuators on the PCB behind the front panel. You can place SMT LEDs on the PCB directly underneath the switching elements to illuminate the actuators.

  • Mounting depth RAFIX 22 FS+ and RAFIX 22 FSR: 9.2 mm
  • Mounting depth RAFIX 30 FS+: 15.8 mm

QC quick connect terminal

The QC concept is the practical alternative for applications where a PCB layout is not economically viable or technically possible. You can manually wire the switching elements using common flat quick-connect terminals (2.8 x 0.8 mm). Then, add LED clips in the colors of your choice to evenly illuminate the actuators.

What distinguishes the QC switching elements from conventional control components is their low mounting depth. Furthermore, they do not require coupling elements between the actuator and switching element. One light click is sufficient and both elements are inseparably connected to each other. As a result, they can be used in environments with high vibrations and shocks. Tool-free assembly outside the operating stand is fast and easy.

  • Mounting depth RAFIX 22 FS+ and RAFIX 22 FSR: 27 mm
  • Mounting depth RAFIX 30 FS+: 33 mm


PCB switching elements: example RAFIX 22 FS+

QC switching elements: example RAFIX 22 FS+


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