A touchpad or trackpad is an operating field that reacts to touch. It is similar to a touch sensor, but not transparent. We often get inquiries from customers dissatisfied with the capacitive touchpads available on the market. These standard touchpads are not suitable for professional use.

This is why we apply our touch technology know-how also for industrial and medical solutions. Here, a capacitive sensor in the form of a copper-coated circuit board is installed behind the operating panel. The panel can be made of synthetic material or glass. What's more, we customize the whole system to your requirements.

Your illumination
Strip, edge, or full illumination – you decide.

Industry compatible
EMC, ESD, and media resistance, glove operation, and mechanical ruggedness ensure the touchpad is suitable for industrial applications.

Tailor-made for you
Your needs determine the size and environmental resistance of your touchpad.


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