Now RAFI presents a completely novel operating concept. It is perfect for agricultural and construction machinery, medical technology, and all applications that benefit from a 3D input landscape.

Agricultural machinery
The latest agricultural machinery control solution features a 3D operating element, two GLASSCAPE touchscreens, and wear-free joysticks. Here, the driver is free to utilize the new capacitive 3D operating element or to enter functions via the touchscreen. Easy-access pushbuttons facilitate fast and intuitive navigation.
Wherever you want easy control of heavy equipment, our unique 3D-SCAPE technology is the answer. Whether you work on fields, construction sites, or in snow – we'll be happy to help you select the optimum technology for you. Vastly easier vehicle operation and workflow thanks to intuitive operation. That's 3D-SCAPE by RAFI.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Full concentration on the vehicle thanks to intuitive user prompts for operating the 3D touch surface
  • Free selection of operating element: capacitive 3D module or capacitive touchscreen
  • Night design for all elements makes it easy to enter data in the dark
  • Activation of user-specific vehicle rights and simple personalization
  • Fewer switches and pushbuttons that are subject to wear and get dirty easily
  • Easy to clean, no edges that trap dirt, sealed surface, long operating life
  • Compact, space-saving, and high-quality design

Download 3D-SCAPE brochure as a PDF file

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