RAFIX 16/16 F


There are nine different actuators and indicators in this control series. You can choose between a round, square, or flush-fitting square collar shape, which seamlessly aligns the actuating elements in a row. The mounting hole diameter for RAFIX 16 is a standard 16.2 mm. As design alternative for flush installation in front of the front panel, you can use the sister series RAFIX 16 F. It features a round mounting hole of 22.3 mm or a square hole measuring 23.1 x 23.1 mm. The RAFIX 16 F with square collar shape allows you to align the actuating elements in a row without gaps. This produces a key block with a seamless look.

➔ Pushbutton, mushroom pushbutton
➔ Emergency stop key switch
➔ Selector switch, keylock switch, toggle switch
➔ Potentiometer-type actuator, buzzer
➔ Signal indicators


  • Mechanical and system engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Electrical engineering


  • Rugged – also suitable for operation with gloves
  • Optimal for switching higher currents (max. 250 V/6 A)
  • Close alignment of actuators possible, due to rear axial wiring
  • Design customization with collar shape variations


  • Mounting hole diameters 16.2 mm/22.3 mm/23.1 mm
  • 35 different actuating elements and indicators
  • 18 different contact blocks
  • Illumination with LED, socket: W 2 x 4.6d


  • IP 65 protection class, front side
  • Switching elements with silver contacts (max. 250 V/6 A) or gold contacts (max. 35 V/0.25 A)
  • Terminal types: screw terminal, quick-connect terminal, PCB plug-in socket


  • TÜV
  • UL
  • CCC
  • VDE
  • ENEC
  • CSA

Panel with RAFIX 16 F, square


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