RAMO 22/30 T


Because it features the RAFI short-travel key switch, the RAMO 22/30 T provides that unique tactile feedback – with a noticeable click. The RAMO T is a standard component that is resistant to media, particularly during plant construction – thanks to its IP 66/IP69K degree of protection. The RAMO 22 T and RAMO 30 T differ in their mounting hole diameters, visual appearance, and design over the front panel.


  •  Key stroke with tactile feedback
  •  Based on the RAFI MICON 5 short-travel key switch with gold contacts, which has proven itself millions of times over
  • Single-part, closed housing
  • Unique series with simple plug & play connections
  • Completely tailored design – fits the RAFIX range of control components
  • Two sizes: 22.3 mm and 30.3 mm
  • Two connection options: M8 and M12
  • Custom print options, including FLEXLAB bezels
  • Can be illuminated in many colours
  • Redundant version with 2 NO contacts

Connects via an M8 or M12 sensor cable


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