During system assembly, the PCB is mounted on the front panel using threaded bolts. The unique design of a PCB layout eliminates assembly errors and subsequent troubleshooting. This makes the procedure extremely cost-effective in volume production.

RAFIX FS PCB switching elements can also be combined with RAFI tactile switches from the MICON 5, RACON 8/12, RF 15/19, and KN 19 series. You benefit from controls tailor made for the application. What’s more, the extremely low mounting depth opens up new possibilities for machine and housing designs. You also save space, material, and tool costs.

Areas of application

  • Applications with planned PCB
  • Applications that use tactile switches
  • Applications with very little space. This is because you can use smaller housing formats

FS technology PCB profitability curve

Board with PCB switching elements and RAFI tactile switch

Upper half: RAFI tactile switch RACON 8/12, MICON 5, RF 15/19, tactile mains switch, KN 19

Lower half: RAFIX FS switching elements, some with 3 mm THT LED


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