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Rugged signal lamp with stainless steel collar and red/green LED

RAFI is expanding its rugged RAFIX 22 FSR control component range with a signal lamp featuring a stainless steel collar with IP65, IP67 and IP69 degree of protection to the front side. The integrated red/green LED can indicate three signal statuses. The translucent indicator is a neutral white in standby mode, green indicates regular operating...

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“POWER” now followed by “ULTIMATE”

New High-End ECU for Touchscreens

RAFI uses its own standard ECUs in customer-specific touchscreens and control panels. This has allowed us to quickly realize a large number of projects for industry, agricultural and construction machinery, or medical technology to date, while saving resources. RAFI develops and produces the ECUs and touchscreens including sensors in-house,...

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For all control requirements

Customized OEM joysticks

With its JOYSCAPE joystick platform and extensive add-on options, RAFI is able to implement custom control solutions for any application purpose and with optimum ergonomics for the job. Four differently dimensioned platform modules cover all use cases in various industries such as mechanical engineering, medical technology or construction and...

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Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services


As a leading German provider of Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E2MS), RAFI develops and manufactures IoT-optimised quality products with integrated cellular modules, WiFi chipsets, LoRaWAN ICs or Ethernet interfaces. The product range includes cloud access network devices such as industrial mobile radio gateways, WIFI routers...

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lluminated pushbutton in stainless steel design

Control component program RAFIX 30 FS+

RAFI has expanded its RAFIX 30 FS+ control component program with illuminated pushbuttons in a modern, stainless steel design. The new models come with ring lighting, a stylish front ring, and a button surface with a metal V2A insert. The extremely flat structure means the button stands just 3.45 mm proud of the front panel for an elegant...

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Comes with its own housing

RAMO S selector switch

RAFI’s selector switches in the RAMO S series feature a completely closed housing with IP65 degree of protection and M12 terminals. That means they do not need any additional housing. Therefore, these switches – like all control and indicator elements in the RAMO 22 and 30 series – are ideal for cost-effective construction and retrofitting of...

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New RAFI red/green signal indicator

RAFI has expanded its RAFIX 22 FS+ control component program with a signal indicator featuring an integrated red and green LED. The indicator can display three status conditions in one light. The translucent bezel is a neutral white in standby mode, green indicates regular operating condition, and red signals faults. The indicators have a diameter...

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New RAFI signal indicator in elegant design for display of three status conditions

RAFI has expanded its RAFIX 30 FS+ control and signaling unit program with an ultra-flat (3.45 mm) LED signal indicator featuring a stainless steel front ring. Thanks to an integrated red and green LED, the indicator can signal three status conditions. The translucent bezel is a neutral white in standby mode, green indicates regular operating...

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Top 100

Innovative medium-sized companies

RAFI is one of the TOP 100. After being awarded the TOP 100 seal on 24 May, RAFI is officially one of the hundred most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. In the context of the innovation competition of the same name, compamedia has been honouring medium-sized companies since 1993 for their special innovative strength and above-average...

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Illuminated pushbutton with ring lighting

RAFI has expanded its RAFIX 22 FS+ control and signaling units program with illuminated pushbuttons with ring lighting.

The pushbuttons come with an illuminated ring in the colors white, red, green, yellow, or blue, which makes them also suitable for night design. The illumination of the ring is provided by an LED. The pushbuttons feature IP65...

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