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For all control requirements

Customized OEM joysticks

With its JOYSCAPE joystick platform and extensive add-on options, RAFI is able to implement custom control solutions for any application purpose and with optimum ergonomics for the job. Four differently dimensioned platform modules cover all use cases in various industries such as mechanical engineering, medical technology or construction and...

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Comes with its own housing

RAMO S selector switch

RAFI’s selector switches in the RAMO S series feature a completely closed housing with IP65 degree of protection and M12 terminals. That means they do not need any additional housing. Therefore, these switches – like all control and indicator elements in the RAMO 22 and 30 series – are ideal for cost-effective construction and retrofitting of...

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Illuminated pushbutton with ring lighting

RAFI has expanded its RAFIX 22 FS+ control and signaling units program with illuminated pushbuttons with ring lighting.

The pushbuttons come with an illuminated ring in the colors white, red, green, yellow, or blue, which makes them also suitable for night design. The illumination of the ring is provided by an LED. The pushbuttons feature IP65...

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RAFI ramps up production

Control units for respirators

RAFI ramps up production. RAFI has been producing capacitive control units for the HAMILTON-C6 mobile respirator station from Swiss medical technology manufacturer Hamilton Medical for around four years. This company ranks among the leading suppliers of intelligent high-end devices.

Currently, manufacturers and suppliers face major challenges...

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Keylock switch with M12 terminal for stand-alone assembly

The keylock switches from RAFI’s RAMO K range offer a rugged, fast-assembly control solution for decentralized applications where it is necessary to lock critical actuation functions. Like all control elements and indicators from the RAMO program, the keylock switches do not require any additional installation housing. The completely closed housing...

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