Multifunctional elements are the ergonomic solution for complex control and data entry units. They make data input intuitive and multi-dimensional. Simply ask us and we’ll design your multifunctional elements precisely to your requirements.

Your options include:

  • For customer-specific joysticks, see the JOYSCAPE range
  • Rotary / push encoders
  • Joycoder (rotary / push encoder with integrated digital joystick)
  • Jog dial
  • DMS joysticks (trackless joysticks)
  • Trackballs

RAFI also offers platforms for multifunctional elements that enable rapid, flexible adaptation to your designs. Alternatively, you can order complete, customer-specific solutions. Every RAFI multifunctional element is adjusted before shipment to eliminate the effects of component tolerances and thermal drift over the specific temperature range.

Jog dial//rotary/push encoder

The RAFI Jog Dial is a roller or wheel-type operating element. Easily turned or pressed by a finger, the rotary /push encoder is integrated in a device for ergonomic adjustment of a value or position.

One example of this form of input is in steering wheels.


The RAFI Joycoder is a combination of rotary/push encoder and digital joystick. The rotary function is captured by Hall sensor technology. In addition, the Joycoder features a pressure function for rapid, simple confirmation of inputs. The tilt function of the digital joystick is implemented using snap-action contacts.

DMS Joystick

Wherever you want a joystick handle that does not move, the RAFI DMS joystick is the answer. The input is measured and evaluated with strain gauges (DMS/force evaluation). Because of its trackless operation, the unit is not subject to any mechanical wear, and does not need a folding bellows. That ensures our DMS joystick withstands even the most severe environmental conditions.


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