Our LUMOTAST FK illuminated pushbuttons are extremely compact. Featuring RAFI Click fastening technology, they can be front-mounted in seconds. Simply insert the pushbutton into the front panel, actuate once, and you’re done! The terminal is reverse-polarity secure using a male quick connector with ribbon cable – hence the designation “FK” (Flachbandkabel=ribbon cable). Alternatively, you can mount a plug-in socket as the terminal on the PCB. The integrated T1 lamp socket additionally allows full surface illumination with LED.

    • Models: Illumniated pushbutton and signal lamp
    • RAFI Click fastening technology
    • Water jet protection class IP 65 on front
    • 1 NO gold contact (max. 35 V/100 mA)
    • Reverse-polarity secured terminal with 4-pole male quick connector and crimped ribbon cable
    • Alternative: terminal with plug-in socket in PCB


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