Continued growth, innovative products and global expansion create a solid basis, for us as a company, for you as our customer, and for the future we share.

1900 Ernst Bucher founded the “Institute for Electrical, Optical & Mechanical Engineering” in Ravensburg with Raimund Finsterhölzl as CEO


1908 Raimund Finsterhölzl (RaFi) acquired ownership of the company


1947 New owner: Werner Raimund Finsterhölzl-Vernière (1909 – 2004), son of Raimund Finsterhölzl.  The CEO was Rolf Kreeb, a former schoolmate


1952 Staff: 64 employees, sales: EUR 0.8 million


1970 Development and production of the first RAFI keyboard


1982 Establishment of RAFI France


1983 Development and production of flat data entry systems


1987 RAFI joined Hoesch AG, later Krupp-Hoesch


1988 Establishment of RAFI Italy


1991 Establishment of RAFI Hungary (RAFI Hungaria KFT)


1993 DIN EN ISO 9001 Certification (DQS)


1994 RAFI re-established as a private enterprise with Albert Wasmeier as a new shareholder


1995 Other shareholders: Gerhard Schenk and Michael Holeczek (until 2006)


2002 Implementation of SAP R/3


2005 Establishment of RAFI Systec GmbH & Co. KG, takeover of Elcoteq Überlingen, now RAFI Eltec GmbH


2006 ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification (DQS)


2008 Establishment of RAFI Electronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai, CHINA


2009 Takeover of Dekorsy GmbH i.I., now RAFI Dekotec GmbH


2009 Extension of the quality management system to include ISO 13485


2011 Certification according to ISO 14001


2011 Establishment of RAFI USA


2015 Establishment of RAFI Syscom, Mexico


2015 RAFI Group: 2,273 employees