RAFI is an enterprise with global presence and our own training center for electronics production. This makes us fast and flexible. You get solutions perfectly tailored to your specifications. We have the right production facility for any quantity. What’s more, our production locations in Germany, Hungary, China, and the USA reach customers around the world.

We take care of your products from development right through to after-sales service. Years of experience give us the expertise to identify improvement potentials. Then we can quickly implement upgrades with state-of-the-art technologies, high process reliability, and professional project management. You save time, money, and capacities.

Chip-on-board on semiflex assemblies

Integration of electronics in plastic housing

Integration of electronics in plastic housing

Rigid-flex-rigid assembly

SMD and THT standard technologies

3D assembly


RAFI supports you all the way from the original idea to production maturity. You benefit from our expertise throughout the entire process chain. Our range includes development, design, and test strategy, plus material and supply chain management. We keep track of the whole process, so your project stays within budget.


We get your project rolling. Crucial in the development process are efficiency as well as advanced technologies. Equally important, we create and implement concepts with the necessary flexibility.


We cooperate with you to create your ideal circuit board layouts. This is how we guarantee the highest standards in design for manufacturing, design for testability and design for excellence. You benefit directly from cost-effective solutions.

Test strategy

During the development phase, we devise an individual test concept for each product – complete with software and test equipment. Included here are state-of-the-art optical and electronic testing methods.


Our strategic, global procurement from our purchasing office in Asia results in internationally competitive pricing. Other established features that ensure the success of the EMS process are our framework and quality assurance agreements as well as audits.

Supply Chain Management

Component supply is key to the efficiency and profitability of your product development. That’s why we procure your parts in the quality you want, and deliver on time and at the best possible price.


RAFI is no typical EMS supplier. Whatever quantity you want, and wherever in the world you are, we have the right plant to supply you at our locations in Germany, Hungary, and China.

SMT and THT assembly
RAFI operates more than 15 fully automatic assembly lines with nitrogen reflow and vapor phase technology for SMD high-speed and fine assembly. With ten wave soldering systems and two automatic lines, we also deliver RAFI quality for the assembly of THT components. This is how we meet our own high standards as well as your requirements – quickly and reliably.


When it comes to EMS, our focus is firmly on service. That includes reliable delivery of fully functional products.

Our warehouse operations are route-optimized with state-of-the-art technology and software. Multi-story tray storage systems and sophisticated conveying technology automate the material flows within the production process. A seamless numbering system ensures fail-safe identification of all batches and components.

Whether transport is on land, water, or air, RAFI logistics optimizes the whole process. We also take care of cargo shipping and customs clearance for global transport to our customers.

Traceability is among our top priorities. We achieve it with 2D laser barcodes on the circuit boards. The result: total transparency plus lockable and traceable process steps:

  • Procurement
  • Incoming goods
  • SMT assembly
  • AOI testing
  • THT assembly
  • Testing
  • Software
  • Assembly
  • System configuration

Simply contact us for reliable replacement part supply, prompt repairs, and comprehensive end-of-life service. This is how we continue to support you even after delivery.

WLAN testing of telecommunication products

Reading traceability codes


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