ECU with BSP embedded Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 2013

RAFI computer platforms strike a perfect balance between computing and graphical performance with low power consumption, expanded temperature ranges, and fan-less designs. You also benefit from our numerous interfaces and module functions. They give us the capacity for simple, cost-effective development of customized base boards.

We can draw on many years of experience in industrial, automotive, and medical engineering. This and our competence in selecting and integrating embedded control units (ECU) ensure you always get the right solution for all your operations – now and in the future. That’s because we ensure our solutions are available for the long-term and are continuously refined. In this way, we want to help you reduce your time-to-market and development risk even further.

Our PDF brochure provides a comprehensive overview with technical information and the latest product enhancements:


For challenging control tasks. 

HMI with FullHD video playback and multi-touch. Fast and flexible adjustment to your demands using the platform base board.

The PowerECU module is available with embedded Linux and Win EC 2013.

  • Evaluation Kit POWERECU
  • System development package for testing your application or fast design of prototypes
  • Embedded Linux (Kernel 4.1)
  • 12.1" PCAP touch und TFT display
  • Interfaces: USB, CAN, Ethernet, etc.
  • For more information and sales, visit:

Other ECU


Cost-optimized processor units for simple control and imaging tasks. Our customized, integrated solutions optimize unit costs. We use cost-effective 8, 16, and 32-bit controllers with and without operating systems.


Plug-in module for medium control tasks, HMI with animated images and single touch (CUSTOMIZED: multi touch) – not recommended for 3D effects. Fast and flexible adjustment to your demands using modular solutions.

The BalanceECU module is available with Win CE 6.

Environmental controls with ECOECU

Customer-specific base board with BALANCEECU


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