Fast, precise, and flexible – these are the qualities electronics deliver. We guarantee you optimum processes: from PCB assembly to the manufacture of housings to final assembly. Also included in our scope are quality control and all logistics services. Yet you can rely on competitive prices from RAFI. Your production is in the best possible hands, whatever volume you require. Our expertise in all current technologies ensures you always receive the excellent quality you expect from RAFI. It makes sense to benefit from our manufacturing know-how. We reduce your costs and time-to-market.

SMT and THT assembly

RAFI operates more than 15 fully automatic assembly lines with nitrogen reflow and vapor phase technology for SMD high-speed and fine assembly. Using ten wave soldering systems and two automatic lines, we also deliver traditional RAFI quality for the assembly of THT components. This is how we meet both your and our requirements – quickly and reliably.

Ideal for the implementation of complex assemblies in small spaces is the combined use of these technologies:

  • Fully-automatic SMD high-speed and fine assembly
  • THT assembly
  • Template printing machines
  • Loading and magazine equipment
  • Inline AOI systems for printing, assembly, and soldering inspections
  • Cutting-bending machines
  • Dual-head riveting machines
  • PCB cutting machines
  • Sequencers – dual-head assembly machine for wired components

  • Microelectronics production in clean rooms
  • Chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, chip-on-chip (bonding), and flip chip
  • Flex, semi-flex, and rigid-flex PCB assembly
  • Lift-dip soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • Wave soldering systems
  • Press-in technology
  • Electronics-glass combinations
  • Building complete assemblies
  • Maximum PCB edge lengths 534 x 610 mm
  • Component capacity 2.3 million/h

Component spectrum

  • ≥ 01005        
  • Chip Scale Package (CSP)
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • Quad Flat Package (QFP)
  • Quad Flat No Leads Package (QFN)

  • Package on Package
  • Plugs
  • Large novel components
  • Pin-in-Paste
  • 3D structures

Quality assurance

Long before the testing of finished assemblies, we optimize the PCB layout with you to ensure optimum assembly and function. Then, during production, continuous testing guarantees the quality you want.

This is where we use following processes, either alone or in combination:

  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • In-circuit test
  • Boundary scan test
  • Flying probe
  • Functional tests

  • Pull test for chip-on-board
  • Shock testing
  • Climate testing
  • Run-in testing
  • Micro-section analysis

Soldering technology

  • Protective gas wave soldering systems
  • Vapor phase soldering

  • Reflow soldering, also lead-free
  • Selective soldering using mini-wave, laser, automatic soldering iron


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