RAFI stands for reliability, accuracy and intuitive operation. Naturally, this also goes for our electrical engineering products. They provide high-precision measurement and control. We rank among the ten largest German electronics contract manufacturers. Flexible, fast and reliable, we translate your ideas into functionally-tested PCBs – sometimes as large as a DIN A4 page, sometimes so small they fit inside a hearing aid.


Technology is moving inexorably from pushbuttons on operating panels to control units to pure touch systems. Commodity devices are also increasingly being used for control tasks. On today’s fiercely competitive market, price is a key factor. At the same time, customers want better design and usability. The fourth industrial revolution is well and truly under way.

Control panels for automation technology

Robust capacitive multitouch panel for industrial use

  • 15.4" multifunction touchscreen with RAFI glass sensor
  • 14 x 14 mm alphanumeric PCAP touch keyboard
  • Rugged, long-life, antireflective glass front in IP66
  • Resistant to many aggressive media
  • Can be operated using gloves
  • Machine control panel with freely-configurable RACON pushbuttons
  • Access authorisation with RAFI keylock switches

Keyboard units for automation technology


Development and production of panel fronts for Siemens in various customer-specific designs. We designed these products with features such as resistive touch functions or capacitive multi-touches, membrane keyboards, short-stroke keyboards or touch sensors. Siemens builds its control systems or monitoring devices onto these fronts. That usually results in standard Siemens control systems, but customer-specific OEM fronts are also possible.

  • Solid expertise in HMI front development and assembly
  • High quality consciousness
  • High level of logistical integration
  • Industry-specific development
  • Industry-specific project management
  • The expertise and performance capacity of the whole RAFI Group

Wireless and telecommunications technology

The special requirements in this field are compliance with industry standards and high design requirements in terms of the appearance and flexibility of multiple product variations. Also relevant here is adhesive technology for a wide variety of materials such as glass, plastic and metal, as well as robot assembly in volume production. Capacitive sensor systems must be highly resistant to the relevant media to prevent inadvertent or external actuation.

Electronic production for telecommunications devices/routers

We produce complete electronic assemblies and devices for one of the market leaders in the telecommunications industry. To ensure the best results, we procure components globally, then assemble, test, package and dispatch the products to the end customer. We also provide customer services.

Controls for conference systems

Control unit for a telephone conference system. The conference system consists of a master and three slaves and is used indoors. It features homogeneous lighting of the characters achieved with fibre optics using various materials. RAFI developed the hardware and software as well as assisting with development of the control electronics. Then we implemented the solution in industrial application.

  • Central development at RAFI
  • Central project management at RAFI
  • Closeness to the customer


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