The RAFI Managing Directors Dr. Lothar Seybold (left in the picture) and Lothar Arnold



Our products deliver at the touch of a button. That’s why RAFI has a more than 100-year history as one of the leading suppliers in human-machine communication. We achieved this with our expertise and high production depth. Normally, you don’t even notice you’re using our products, simply because they work so well. It’s the barely perceptible resistance, the soft click or the flashing light which make the difference. Next time you operate a device, take a closer look – you may be feeling what we can do.

Targeted innovations

RAFI is a medium-sized enterprise that combines a down-to-earth corporate philosophy with international innovation. We develop, design, produce and market powerful solutions for almost every step in human-machine communication – from simple keys to highly complex touch systems. They come in standard or custom solutions for you.

Keen experts

Our company is built on decades of dedicated research, and driven by the pioneering spirit of our employees. Their expert knowledge and innovative power generate groundbreaking products, giving you the edge on today’s competitive markets.

Firmly rooted growth

Today you can find our subsidiaries or agents in all the key global industrial locations. Development, production and sales are centrally located at our headquarters in Berg/Ravensburg, one of the EU’s most innovative and fastest growing regions.

Service at the touch of a button

Your satisfaction is our success. Simply contact us for first-time enquiries, questions about our products, or to access customer services. You can rely on us to answer all your questions fully.


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