As a system supplier, RAFI has been using joysticks for years. Because the joystick is the optimum solution for intuitive and safe operation in many applications.

The joystick handle is tailored to each individual case according to customer specifications. This provides you with exactly the solution that is optimum for your application – user-friendly and ergonomic. RAFI relies on the wear-free 3D Hall sensor system for its JOYSCAPE. This makes it possible to design compact systems that can execute at least 5 million operations, which makes them extremely reliable.

At first glance, complex customer-specific control systems appear to be more expensive as off-the-shelf solutions. Only upon closer inspection do the many practical advantages come to light: precisely defined quality, with ergonomics and haptics optimised according to use, as well as product advantages through individualised design solutions.


The JOYSCAPE platform offers three basic sizes with different characteristics. All platforms are based on a wear-free 3D Hall sensor system, the sensors being designed redundantly for applications with high safety requirements.

The angle of deflection of the RAFI joysticks are 20° orthogonally and 28° diagonally. Depending on your application, you can also select this angle to be smaller. In the standard program landscape, the JOYSCAPE program covers all current applications.


  • The Hall design provides very rugged systems with low design heights.
  • All components are extremely rugged mechanically.
  • The ferromagnetic steel metal housing provides optimum shielding of the sensor system and gives it additional ruggedness.
  • The special mechanical design provides the RAFI joysticks with a large tilt angle and a minimal mounting hole. This makes it possible to use folding bellows with few folds. The result is less wear and above all ease of cleaning, with high hygienic standards.
  • The haptics of the RAFI joysticks can be variably adjusted by selecting various actuator springs. Preferred guidance to support operational safety.

Download the JOYSCAPE pdf prospectus



Its extremely compact design is impressive, especially when you don’t have much space in which to install it. Freely tilting in the x-y plane. For work requiring “fingertip feel”.

The RAFI General Purpose joystick is extremely flexible and versatile. This results in a multifunctional handle with a variety of options, such as thumb joystick, rocker switch or push function.



Our heavy duty joystick is always useful when things get serious. Large installed sizes for high forces.


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