The latest generation of keyswitches and switches is located behind a protected glass pane – perfect for use in industry and many applications. Even after millions of operations, the GLASSCAPE sensor continues to work flawlessly. Results that have never even been approached using mechanical or resistive touch technology. In addition, the ease of operation is considerably increased through the use of a hygienically perfect surface, high-quality optics and elegant illumination.

We offer a wide variety of types of individually-developed capacitive sensors to facilitate your human-machine communication. You can combine these sensors individually into an operational landscape. With different glass treatments, we achieve an optimum haptics for any operating element.


With powerful LEDs, RAFI sets the scene with glass surfaces in full colour. To make operation easier for the user, inputs can be lead via light signals. Input feedback can also be supported visually and acoustically. If a button is momentarily inactive, its illumination can be turned off by the system – and the key disappears. This disappearance effect makes operation easier and at the same time provides an added optical value.


We design operating landscapes made up of illuminated capacitive keyswitches with extremely low mounting depths – as sensors, the copper-coated circuit boards are generally used. This allows us to use a RAFI control system in very narrow spaces. Between the printed glass front and the sensor there is a narrow light conductor that makes illumination possible. Here, the sensor is mechanically connected to the front glass, which alleviates the need for optical lamination.


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