The PCB is mounted on the front plate using threaded bolts for the system configuration. The unique design of a PCB layout ensures that no assembly errors, or the subsequent error search, occur. The procedure is thereby extremely cost-effective for large quantities.

The RAFIX FS PCB switching elements can also be combined with the RAFI short-travel keyswitches of the series MICON 5, RACON 8/12, RF 15/19 and KN 19. We thereby enable operations that are specifically adapted to customer applications. And another thing: the extremely low mounting depth opens up new possibilities for machine and housing designs. At the same time, you save space, material and tool costs.


  • Applications with planned PCB
  • Applications that use short-travel keyswitches
  • Applications with very little space, due to the option of using smaller housing formats

FS technology PCB profitability curve

Board with PCB switching elements and RAFI short-travel keyswitch

Upper half: RAFI short-travel keyswitch RACON 8/12, MICON 5, RF 15/19, short-travel mains switch, KN 19
Lower half: RAFIX FS switching elements, some with 3 mm THT LED


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