RAMO 22/30 I

Signal lamps from the RAMO 22/30 key switch series

RAMO I extends the RAMO 22/30 key switch series with a bright and energy-efficient signal lamp. The concave bezel means the reflected beam angle and angle of vision are more than 180°. It also provides a different look to the RAMO T key switches. The signal lamp is available in five different colors and in two sizes: 22.3 mm and 30.3 mm.

Just like the RAMO 22/30 actuators, it features a Plug&Play connection, without any manual wiring with M12 sensor cables.

• Energy efficient and bright LED signal lamps
• 180° field of vision
• Single-piece mono-housing
• Simple Plug&Play connection
• Design tailored to the RAFIX control component series
• Two sizes: 22.3 mm and 30.3 mm
• Colors: white, red, yellow, green, blue



Video: Tactile key switch & signal lamp RAMO T & RAMO I


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