We tick differently, but we always exactly meet your expectations. Due to our extensive user knowledge, we design components with the right tactile stimuli, a flawless appearance and long operating life. They consequently exhibit less wear, give you planning reliability and above all: a sense of security.

The right tactile feedback, stylish good looks, and long operating life. You’re sure to find the ideal solution in our vast range. Included here are pushbutton and key switches, control and signalling units, short-travel and full-travel key switches, signal lamps, and emergency stop actuators. You can also order components designed to your specifications.

Buttons and switches

Pushbuttons are switching devices that close or open electrical circuits. Unlike control components, here the actuator and contact chamber are integrated in one product. In addition to pushbuttons, the product families also include signal lamps, keyswitches and selector switches, which are compatible in terms of design and technology.

Control components

Control components are switching devices that close or open electrical circuits. The programmes are supplemented with signal indicators. A control component is always comprised of a combination of an actuator and a switching element, and an indicator light is always comprised of a signal indicator and a lamp socket.

Emergency stop

Emergency stop actuators are switches that quickly and reliably switch machines and systems to a safe state in an emergency situation.

Signal lamps

Signal lamps are components to indicate the operating status. There are versions with LEDs or neon lamps.

Integrated PCB short-travel and full-travel keyswitches

Short-travel and full-travel keyswitches for the printed circuit board. The short-travel keyswitches have a distinct clicking sound for use beneath keypad overlays or RK 90 keycaps. The full-travel RS 76 keyswitches are intended for use in keyboard designs.


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